Window Display

Topics: Light, Color, Clothing / Pages: 2 (400 words) / Published: Sep 29th, 2014
As the target audience is young, modern people this combination of minimalism and fashion will help reach nearby affluent consumers as well as the ones who are just curiously passing by. As the first point of contact before a consumer enters into a retail space, window displays continue to give consumers essential information. They can communicate what is contained within the retail space, offer information about certain products and sales and, perhaps most importantly, set expectations about the experience that the consumer will have within the store’s walls.
This store window tells a captivating brand story in 10 seconds, showing the essential pieces of the brand: t-shirts, denim, ascetic shirts and modern, one-of-a-kind accessories.
This window decoration is simple and does not attack to customer with plenty of bright colors and chaotic forms in order to stay relevant.
Main task of this store window is to in a simple and aesthetic way show potential customer what this brand is about, avoiding provoking props and flashy decorations that are distracting from center piece – apparel and accessories.
Furniture that are included in this window display are clothing rack and neon light object as a reference to newest spring/summer 2014 trends. Neon stand lamp illuminates the clothing in dark hours of the day in order to keep this store window interactive at any time of the day.
Another design element that underlines the simplicity of this set-up is dark Cheap Monday sign, light colors of the retail space and minimalistic hangers creating a pleasant contrast.

Layout and diagonal lines in this composition that create attention and movement and symmetry between clothing rack and apparel that is giving calm effect are the most visible parameters in this window display.
Clothing is hanging in focal point – just below eye level, so the customer is instantly focused on the apparel.
To secure proportions between elements shoes are placed in the front of the rack

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