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Title: Natural Phenomena: Wildfires

Order: Topical Order

General Purpose: To Inform

Specific Purpose: The acknowledge audience about the effect of the wildfires towards communities and environment health

Central Idea: Although wildfire is a natural disaster, but one of the reason is, comes from human. Wildfires can cause damages to home and others structures. Moreover, wildfires can cause air pollutant that can affect human health. However, it can prevent us from getting involved in this phenomenon.


What would you do if you had fifteen minutes to leave your home? And if you have a few minutes what would you bring along from your home? Where would you go? Are sure that all your family members got out safely? What would you feel if you lost your home?

This phenomenon is not common in Malaysia. But ‘wlidfire’ often happened in United States, its happened every year! This uncontrolled phenomena fueled by weather, wind and dry underbrush where it can burned acres of land in a few minutes.

I have read an articles and books about this phenomenon which give me more understanding about this natural disaster ‘wildfire’ or also known as wild land fire. Those facts that I have read mentioned about the causes of this phenomena and the effect that could cause injuries and causing property damage and destruction

We know that wildfires is a natural disaster, but in order to avoid death we can put an effort to prevent it. On the other hand, wildfires also cause damages, killing some plants and occasionally animals.

Finally, lets proceed to my speech. Which may give you information and facts about wildfire.


1. There are several causes that influence the wildfire to occur.

A. what is wildfire? What are the causes that can lead to the wildfire?

i. Wildfires, which can occur from natural causes or human carelessness and accidents, spread very quickly

ii. more than 100,000 wildfires, also called wildland fires or forest fires, can burn 4 million to 5 million acres (1.6 million to 2 million hectares) of land in the U.S. every year. In recent years, wildfires have burned up to 9 million acres (3.6 million hectares) of land. A wildfire moves at speeds of up to 14 miles an hour (23 kilometers an hour).

iii. There are three conditions that need to be present in order for a wildfire to burn, which firefighters refer to as the fire triangle: fuel, oxygen, and a heat source. However, every wildfires is affected by the same three thing, which is fuel, weather, terrain, and any flammable material. The interesting part is, where this phenomenon can happen with the lightning strikes or the sun's heat. In addition, four out of five wildfires are started by people.

2. Wildfire can affect the ecosystem, environment and communities that involved in this phenomenon.

B. how far could it affect our world

i. ecosystem
* In general, however, the construction and presence of fire lines causes an ecological disturbance: erosion and sedimentation; micro-climate alteration; introduction of exotic species and disease; change in water flow; scarring; and increased soil thawing in permafrost.

ii. environment
* Wildfires can also affect the habitat of the environment the species population and distribution after the incident, and cause damage to some homes and buildings, as well as costly evacuations to people and even some human deaths.

* Wildfires can affect climate and weather and have major impacts on atmospheric pollution. Wildfire emissions contain fine particulate matter which can cause cardiovascular and respiratory problems.

Although wildfires is harmful and destructive to humans, naturally occurring wildfires play an integral...

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