why uniforms should be allowed

Topics: Education, Clothing, Uniform Pages: 2 (411 words) Published: October 19, 2014
The wearing of uniform in schools is a controversial topic in our society, and is constantly undergoing debate. Some people say that wearing school uniform would save parents' money, as there would not be competition between students for the trendiest clothes (which also raises social problems). But on the other hand, children need their own clothes anyway; to wear on weekends and when they go out with their friends, and school uniform is often very expensive. The main social con that emerges from wearing own clothes to school is bullying that may occur due to one person's fashion sense not being up to scratch. But then again, one might argue that people are going to wear their own clothes, eg: on mufti days and school trips, and so bullying for fashion would take place anyway. Schools have their own different identity. To prove the point, every school which wants to show that its student is different from other s of different schools. So to display their identity they have a different uniform. Schools those have a uniform policy treats everyone equal. This also discourage those students who are from wealthy background and have the symptoms of showing-off. So the schools following uniform policy keep every student equal. On the other hand, it is difficult for some people to afford expensive uniforms. People from humble background face lot of problems to fulfill the requirements of a standard uniform items those require extra money. Clothing often reflects who you are and who you socialize with. In most schools, there are groups of students who dress alike. All the jocks dress differently from the preps who have a different style from the punks. You may even avoid a particular person because of what they are wearing. Uniforms require students to get to know each other by finding out about who they really are. People also dislike school uniform because it stops their freedom. They can not wear any clothes of their own choice as uniform bounds them to only ad...
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