Why Do People Bully

Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Verbal abuse Pages: 2 (439 words) Published: October 19, 2014
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Types of and reasons for bullying behavior
Questions/Main Ideas/Vocabulary
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Types of Participants:

Bully - Someone who hurts somebody emotionally and/or physically. Sometimes it is intentional, sometimes it isn’t.

Victim - The person who receives the action of the bully.

Passive Bystander - Doesn’t do anything about the bullying and just watches.

Active Bystander - Acting on behalf of the victim. Becomes involved.

Why People Bully:
Cultural Causes – Unrealistic for people not to be influenced by violence in our culture.

Institutional Causes – If there is no rule enforcing no bullying then it makes the bullying more likely to occur.

Social Issues – Some people think that bullying others is funny or even being the class clown. The negative behavior causes people to bully more because they think “hey why not? Everybody else is doing it! it must be the new thing”

Family Issues – Families that encourage violent behavior and the adults in that family who don’t teach their kids right from wrong tend to have children who get in trouble a lot or maybe they don’t do so well in school. They are also most likely to be the bully.

Personal History – Children who are different sometimes become the bully because they were bullied in the past for their differences.

Having Power – The people who have more power than others tend to think...
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