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Who Am I

By jenrulesifer Sep 16, 2014 988 Words
Who Am I
Jennifer Leff

Who am I

Who am I

Don't know what to think

Living every day

Like it's the first5

How could it get any worse

Don't know what to think

About life

They told me to just

Hold on tight 10

Who am I

Lost and out of control

Don't know who or where to turn

Will they just watch me burn

Who am I 15

to afraid to fall

Am I afraid to find more dark

Or am I afraid to loose it all

Who am I

Deniably, completely insane 20

Will I ever find my way

Will ever be the same

Who am I

Falling Down the drain

Will I ever be someone26

Or will I just go out and run

Day in

And day out

Don't know where to go30

Every day

Every night

Trying to see the light

All I know is

Who I could be35

It's all like a dream to

Me now

I want to scream and shout

Don't know why I'm yelling out

Who am I 40

Lost and out of control

And I want to scream and shout

There is no doubt about it

Who am I

Because I don't 45

Know anymore

Who am I

Too afraid to find life

Through the darkness

That I fight 50

Will I ever see the light

Don't know where to turn to

Don't know where to go

Don't know who I am

I did, but now 55

I just don't know

Who am I
to afraid to back down
I’ve been fighting all my life
But now it’s time to say goodbye 60

but I will try to find my own light
I will try to shine

Who am I
Who am I

"Who Am I" is an intensified poem about the question we all ask ourselves everyday our whole lives. Everyone does one of two things, accept the fact that they simply do not know or, pretend that they do. Life is full of questions that we cannot completely answer, just ponder our entire lives. Within this poem, the phrase, who am I, is constantly repeated. This poem is an elegy, mourning the lost life and the answer to the question asked throughout the poem.

The phrase reoccurring in the poem emphasizes the question everyone asks themselves and the question most think they know the answer to. No one can entirely know who they are and what the future might bring. As a result of really not knowing, they pretend they do. "Don't know who I am/ I did, but now/ I just don't know (49-51). Or, if they do not pretend they know who they are, they try to be someone else because there life is not written in stone. For some, they might go absolutely insane trying to find the truth behind the unanswerable question. Who am I

Lost and out of control
And I want to scream and shout
There is no doubt about it (35-38).
The repetition gives the poem an intense look on life and shows signs of confusion, frustration, and anger. The passion in increased in every stanza due to the fact that the speaker keeps on repeating those three words. This allows the reader to imagine that the person in trapped in her own mind, that is about to explode, with no way out. With this repetition, the reader can see the pain in the speaker's words and how she is barely hanging on by a thread. Constantly repeating the same three words has made her give up on everything else and is slowly eating her inside and killing her. She has one last attempt at trying to save herself by saying she can shine no matter what, but those three words enforce a tragic ending to her dark story.

The elegy aspect of this poem is the loss of herself. The speaker just gave up on life and on herself and pities herself because she does not know who she is. The speaker does not realize that no one does and she will never know. Who am I

to afraid to back down
I’ve been fighting all my life
But now it’s time to say goodbye (57-60).
The speaker has given up on life because she cannot face the world as an outcast anymore. She need something to be proud of, something to believe in, something to fight for. She does not have the will to keep going like a shadow lurking through the night. Due to the fact that the three words, who am I is slowly annihilating her, the elegy is mainly found in the repetition. She cannot escape from this tragic death and by the last two lines, you know she can no longer fight it and her death is mourned. Her pride and dignity are lost every time those three words are said and that is additionally mourned. Here lies the pride, dignity, and life of the speaker of the poem, she will be missed. I wrote this poem because self-influence and the influence of others is one of the most powerful things. The words in the poem show how by wasting your life trying to answer and unanswerable question, you are leading yourself into a trap that you cannot escape. These words can consume anyone and you can lead yourself to your own fatal end. By convincing yourself you have nothing to live for, you are blinding yourself from the truth behind the ever-so convincing lie. This poem is meant to have people believe in themselves and their capabilities and instead of trying to answer who you are as a person, embrace the mystery and be the best person you can be. "Who Am I" tells the world to fight for what you believe in, because there is always something to believe in.

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