Welfare Activities by Trade Union

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Welfare activities by the Trade Unions

The Indian Trade Union movement, in general, has so far neither the will nor the ability to undertake the welfare work. The biggest limitations in the case of trade union is of course lack of funds. One of the oldest worker’s organization of the country i.e Textile Labour Association, Ahmedabad has organized a number of social and welfare activities for the benefits of its members. The main activities of trade unions is to ensure adequate wages, secure better conditions of work and employment, reduce hours of work, get better treatment from employers etc. The trade union achieves it through collective bargaining. The extra-mural functions of trade unions include to creat a fund through subscription for supporting the workers during unemployment, sickness and lockouts, to arrange legal assistance to the workers, to make provisions for the education of the children of their members, to make provision for many indoor and outdoor games and other recreational facilities, running of co-operatives, providing housing facilities, participation in community development and community protection activities, to make provisions for transport facilities, to make provisions of workers education and training, initiating and developing workers education scheme, organizing welfare and recreational activitiessuch as mutual insurance, providing monetary and other help during strikes and economic distress, providing housing facilities etc. These are social functions. Recommendations of National Commission on Labour :

Trade unions have to pay greater attention on below welfare activities : 1. To secure for workers fair wages.
2. To safeguard security to tenure and improve conditions to service. 3. To improve working and living conditions of the workers. 4. To provide for educational, cultural and recreational facilities. 5. To promote individual and collective welfare.

Following services needs to be developed and...
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