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Our respected guest of honor and speaker who serves as our inspiration on this momentous occasion, Maam, to our very dynamic head of this school Mr/Mrs/Ms_______________,Maam/Sir, to our Royal Highness King_____________ and her Majesty Queen, Queen_____________I and their Royal Court, to our respected Barangay officials headed by Barangay Captain_________________, other guests, fellow parents, friends, ladies and gentleman, Good afternoon! We are gathered here today, to witness the coronation of our sons and daughters in celebration of our schools foundation day. Yes, I was indeed happy to see all of you who are here in supporting of this said occasion. And it’s been a year since we all celebrated again this kind of event. And it seems that every year there are a lot of improvements in order that this event will become successful. And in connection to this, we had come up this afternoon, another year of prosperity and we were able to produce again our new set of King and Queen with their Prince and Princesses, which will serve as our role models not only inside the four corners of their room but also outside the vicinity of this school. And as what the saying goes, I quote “The youth are the hope of our Fatherland” end of quote. And I hope for the next few years, they will use all these learning in order for them to develop their selves as a good citizen in this community. And I’m sure that this coronation will not be a symbol of power and a splendor that are gone but it is a declaration of our hopes for the future and for the years may come, by God’s Grace and Mercy, be given to reign and serve us in the near future. And for that, I promise to you everyone that this will not just a plain coronation rites but it will also a taste of Christmas will be given to you as we go along in this program. Also, we will witness the hidden talents of our own children. And as you will be able to finish this show, we will be able to draw at least a smile on...
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