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week 2

By Delsanter24 Feb 02, 2014 503 Words
Week 2 Questions

Post your answers to the following questions here.
1. What physical characteristics were essential to the locations where early Native American settlements were established?

2. Early cities in the colonies were settled by Europeans from what countries?

3. African Americans migrated to Northern and Midwestern cities during what periods in U.S. history?

4. What factors helped facilitate suburbanization and white flight from central cities after WWII?

5. What are the basic tenets of the Ethnic Enclave Model of immigration and how does it differ from the traditional model of immigrant assimilation?

6. Based on the readings and your own observations and experiences, are new immigrants of color “better off” working for people from their own ethnic group? Why or why not? What is your supporting evidence? Can this experience be generalized to all immigrants of color? Why or why not


1. The physical characteristics that were essential to the locations where the early Native American settlements were established were near water which provided ample drinking water, food, transportation, and recreation. These needs are generally fundamental to the location of cities and vital to their survival and prosperity.

2. The early cities in the colonies were settled by the English, Irish, Dutch, French, and Spanish.

3. African Americans migrated to Northern and Midwestern cities between the the time the first World War began and the 1970’s.

4. The factors that helped facilitate suburbanization and white flint from the major cities were the economic expansion and governmental policies, FHA, VA Loans, Federal Highway Transportation Act.

5. The basic tenets o the Ethnic Enclave Model of immigration are each of the ethnicities themselves. The Cubans stay with the Cubans the Chinese stay with the Chinese and so on, in each of the enclaves the specific ethnic group all employ each other so there will be greater growth within the community. While the traditional model of immigrant assimilation consists of when the immigrant first comes to America they would only stay in each ethnic neighborhood only long enough to learn to speak english then would leave the community to get a job.

6. Based on my readings and my own experience new immigrants are better off with the Ethnic Enclave Model. In the reading they made it clear that an immigrant can get up the ladder in a business much faster and with greater ease if he is working with and for people they feel a familiarity with. A “ethnic spirit,” a sense of helping each other to help themselves keeps them motivated. Part of why I think that this concept works well for all immigrants of color are that there is a reason that these communities are still around today. The reason Chinatown, Little Italy and Little Havana are all thriving communities because the concept works and people of the same ethnicity help each other and feel much more comfortable and in tune with someone of the from where they are from more than a normal white man would help a man that just came to America from Cuba who doesn't speak any english.

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