We Are Happier Than Your Parents

Topics: Simple living, Thought, Adipose tissue Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: August 9, 2012
From talking to a lot of my friends, I’ve seen a common thread in al of us – The need to accumulate & experience things; Need to travel to as many places as possible; Variety of Hobbies; New Resolutions; Out for a Skydive; Change Jobs Frequently; Go back to Basics & Change Careers altogether; Learn to Play Instruments; Write novels; Try out an Adventurous Sport; Spend hours in Gyms trying to get body fat percentage into the single digits; Aspire to learn a new language or two or three or even more than five & so on…

V ve the time & means & education to pursue careers & hobbies & personal achievement goals that our parents & their parents before them could never have even dreamt of (‘m really proud abt it)! :) V guys have numerous choices, unlimited exposure, ample opportunities & a sound financial security tat our parents could ever have thought of? Yet, we’re a Notoriously Unfulfilled Generation!? :-/

Y do we so much already & still we so many opportunities to accumulate more, yet we’re somehow less personally fulfilled tan our parents were at our ages? Many of us are neurotic, directionless, struggling with feelings of inadequacy, still rebelling against our parents, still trying to find ourselves, constantly struggling with existential angst… Y s tats so??? How were our parents & grandparents so much happier & less regretful, even though they grew up with so much more responsibility & so many less toys?

Mulling on these over a period of time, finally found the answer quite simple… It’s only b’cos of the numerous CHIOCES, (Wich s supposed to be our greatest advantage) v r exposed to!? Freedom over Choices completes us; but does it ever satisfy us?! We not only actively seek choice, thereby making our life more miserable, but also now we’re programmed to gravitate towards them. For instance, we choose neighbourhoods based on how many different restaurants r around us; & how culturally & financially diverse r our social circles; & how many...
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