watchmen vs dark knight

Topics: Meat, Agriculture, Nutrition Pages: 3 (903 words) Published: October 25, 2013

Food is the basic unit of life. There are many types of food, but not all are healthy. The argument of eating a healthier diet to get better health benefit is what the society is willing to get. Joseph pace is arguing and persuading people that the correct diet is vegetarian diet to have better health benefits, stronger agriculture and resource use that benefits the animal rights. Meanwhile Alan Herscovici is arguing how a diet which includes meat is healthier choice and brings light to the myth surrounding Meat is bad. Therefore, after analyzing the article Alan Herscovici has the stronger argument because meat will not be harmful to human unless taken excessively. Joseph pace explains how vegetarian diet has the better health benefits. Pace talks about how plant foods lower risk of chronic disease while animal foods increase it .He also talks about how animal food have serious nutritional drawbacks. Meat contains far too much saturated fat and cholesterol, and may even carry traces of hormones, steriods and antibiotics. Animal food are also gaining notoriety as breeding around for E.colis, complobacter and other bacteria that cause illness. On the other hand, Alan Herscovici argues that there is no reason to stop eating meat, He talks about how meat is an excellent soucre of 12 essential nutrients, including protein, iron, zinc and vitimain B , and his research also says that todays meats are lean eliminating the excessive fat that can be harmful.Herscovici argues that people have rarely been vegeterian by choice, most often, vegetarianism is the unfortunate result of poverty.Therefore, after analyzing, Pace has the stronger argument. Environmental safety is the most important issue to be considered in this modern life. Joseph Pace in this article talks about how Animal-based agriculture is one of the most environmentally destructive industries on the face of the earth.Pace also talks about how the lands would be if people shifted away from meat.He...
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