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Royale Brands’ potential in the Dutch market: Research proposal | February 22 2013
Stanimir Ivanov / Danny Gerharts / Carolina Herrera / Jhelisa Bierge| Group 4|

Table of Contents
I. Background2
Product Line Description2-3
II. RESEARCH Questions & objectives4
Central Research Question 4
Sub questiions4
Main Objective4
Sub objectives4

III. METhodology4
Purpose 4-5
Research Population6
Survey Overview6
Searching & Collection Secondary Data7
Interview Overview8



I. Background

This research is going to be conducted in order to explore the potential of an opportunity in the Dutch market. It is a scientific way of solving a business problem and therefore it can be classified as Applied Research. The business problem is the unknown (and potentially negative) outcome of the decision to enter the Dutch market. It can be viewed both as a threat and as an opportunity (unknown potential). The purpose of the research is to identify this potential. We have decided to undertake it to avoid costs of a potential failure on an unexplored market; it will reduce the chance of making a wrong decision. This is why we believe it is value exceeds its cost. The research is also worth it because it has symmetry of its outcomes. It will succeed as long as it provides information, regardless of it that information’s character (positive or negative). This is because it would have reduced the chance of our client making a wrong decision. The research is necessary because this product has never been introduced to the Dutch market before. This means that data on its performance in this particular environment does not yet exist. We know this because the only company, which manufactures this product, is our partner – Royal Brands. Our preliminary secondary data search indicated that there is no product currently on the Dutch market, which possesses the exact same characteristics as Royal Brand. However, there are a few other product lines of the same type. Nevertheless, we believe that our product will have a competitive price advantage over them. We are the first interested in the information our research is aimed at acquiring. The exact things we want to know are indicated in the next section. You will find a short introduction of the product line below. Product Line Description

We are going to work directly with the producer (Royal Brands) to import their product line of frozen drink mixes. Below, you will find a short description of their brand line, which consists of a total of 7 brands (Energy Ice, Frozen Cappuccino, Frosted Cocktails, The Royal Smoothie co, Smoothie, Cruisn’cool juice blends & Slushie). Note that our primary interest is in importing the frozen drink mix.

Royale offers complete programs supporting the hotel, restaurant, coffee house, convenience store and the entire food service industry with everything necessary to have a successful frozen beverage program…product, equipment, point-of-sale materials as well as service and delivery through our Distributor Network. Whatever your area of the industry, Royale has a product offering to fulfill your needs. We’ve been an innovative leader in the industry for over 20 years and the future of the royal family of brands is very bright. Royale’s Family of Brands offers complete branded Frozen Beverage Programs to an international network of distributors. Royale supplies customers with a turn-key source for frozen beverages which includes: high quality products with both a "better" and "best" price points; access to all major brands of frozen beverage equipment including blenders, ice shavers, visual and gravity freezers; in addition to point of sale materials, recipes and marketing programs. All supported with industry best sales training and support. Our people are beverage professionals that come with an incredible amount of experience in the...

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