Wait Until Marriage for Sex Essay Example

Pages: 2 (607 words) Published: November 17, 2012
Teenage Girls Should Wait Until Marriage to Have Sex

Is sex worth waiting for until marriage? In today’s society sex is more prominent than being celibate. Even though sex entices a human being, there are still many consequences. Don’t put yourself in a dangerous situation that can be prevented. The intent of this paper is to help and persuade teenage girls to realize how much danger they could be putting themselves in by not waiting to have sex. The more sex you have before marriage, the greater risk you are in of getting an infection, damaging your relationship, and an unwanted pregnancy.

Just imagine the risk of getting an infection. You are two steps close to getting a STD. Did you know you wouldn’t be able to have kids, depending on what STD you get? Sad part is it can cause birth defects and many other things to a baby and yourself. When you have your baby it could have a genetic disorder, this may also hinder your child’s learning. Also, you could get the disease from any other female they’ve had sex with. AIDS doesn’t discriminate either. Anyone can become infected by it. AIDS cause people to be more vulnerable to other diseases. Since it weakens your immune system, you’ll die from peripheral illnesses. More sex means more of risk!

It has been long said that it could be damaging to relationships. If you’re having sex with that person before marriage you can get too emotionally attached. You don’t want to be that girl that stuck on the guy because he took your virginity and broke up with you, bad look. Secondly your self- esteem can be affected negatively and positively. By you waiting it gives you much more respect for yourself. If you don’t wait you’ve given away something so special in a thoughtless way. Few girls fail to realize that if

gives you less meaning to your relationship and not abstaining from it won’t give you an investment of trust

In final consideration you have unwanted...
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