Verbatim Process Report

Topics: Friendship, Anger, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 5 (2133 words) Published: June 14, 2014
5 Minute Verbatim Counselling Session: T= Therapist C= Client – TimeDescription/TranscriptComments
0.01sec[Client sits opposite me]Client smiles at me and I feel good eye contact even at start, I sense only a little bit of nervousness in the client, but that’s normal I think, and I feel a little nervous myself

T: Hi JaneI try break the ice and I am eager to feel more relaxed myself
C: HiShe is still smiling and seems comfortable being there with me
T: How you doing?
C: I’m good thank you
T: That’s good
T: And mm, hope you [pause] didn’t have too much trouble getting here todayNot feeling as relaxed as I would like to be so I am trying another ice breaking question 0.11secC: No not at allShe seems sincere and eager about coming to therapy

T: That’s good
C: yeah
T: So I was wondering if you would, wouldn’t mind just telling me [pause], you know, why you have come to see me today.I hesitate a little at the question and feel I am trying a bit too hard to make the client more relaxed – I am still feeling somewhat nervous I maybe I am trying hard to establish a good connection with her to soon 0.19secC: um [pause] I’ve been feeling quite um upset about um people around me um I kind of feel that some of the girls have been [pause] ostracising me [pause] sort of like bullying, Client still seems to be at ease with me although she does hesitate to begin telling me what is bothering her. Her body language is a bit closed, her arms are folded. I don’t like bullies so I am quite interested to hear her problem but cautious not to be judgemental or allow my own bias to jump in

T: YeahI am trying to be empathetic from early on and want to connect with the client
C: sort of bullying feelingShe still has her arms crossed. When she says bullying again I am trying to be neutral in my thoughts although it is quite challenging to put my biases aside 0.56secT:So the girls around you are feeling like they are coming across as bullying and um [hesitation]I am reflecting what she has told me but I realize I still don’t know enough of what has happened so I quickly change the course of the question

T: Which girls would these be, which environment?I am trying to understand more of the background of the problem and I ask her to explain the environment. I think a better question would have been, can you tell me more about these girls around you that are making you feel ostracised or bullied? 1:04C: They’re, they’re, I can call them, I don’t know, we used to be friends I guess um, I kind of want to make that distinction that they’re just acquaintances to me now, yup, not really like friends. But before um, before something happened, I kind of feel like oh I can be , we could possibly be um you know true friends who um can talk about, you know have heart to heart talkThe client seems rather calm now and her body language is showing she is at ease, unfolded her arms. I sense she is recalling the time when she was close to her friends. I am also feeling more at ease now and interested to hear what she is saying. Client also seems a lot more relaxed with me now although seems a bit confused how to describe her situation 1:32T: YeahI am trying my best to keep being empathetic and keep the connection with the client 1:33C: And um really giving to, I can be really giving to them, but now I sort of feel like I can’t and whenever um they’re around me or I know that we, I’m going to hang out with them, I feel really nervous and I don’t feel like I can be myselfShe is tensing up a little now and I sense she is putting herself in that uncomfortable space she might be in when with these friends. I am listening very intently to the client and trying to process all that she is telling me, I feel a little sorry for her feeling nervous and not being able to be herself 1:52T:Yes [softly] So when you’re with this group, who you say are not necessarily friends anymore but acquaintancesI need to be empathetic, she...
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