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A person’s values have a direct connection with how ethically correct they will lead a business. If a person values self-preservation, and does things without any regards to the affect that their actions have on others, then you can expect their business to be run in the same manner. As far as a person’s belief system, however, it seems that, though a person may have a certain belief system that they claim to follow (i.e. Christianity), it has little to no effect on their ethical choices when it comes to business. Take those leaders of churches who end up on the front page as the culprit behind some huge controversy like in the following article:

Your persona is the image that you portray or want the world to see you as. Unfortunately, though, what a person truly values, or feels is most important in life, will not always reflect in their persona. A person might loyally go to church every week just to be seen or thought of by others as righteous. At the same time, however, that same person will have no problem at all running some kind of accounting scam if they actually value having money more than actually being upright

To answer this discussion question, I looked up “companies that have gone global” on Google, first. I found an article about the Ford Motor company’s plans to continue conducting their business internationally by advertising and trying to attract consumers from countries outside the U.S. The most valued benefit of “going global” that the article listed was that it would not only allow the Ford company to grow as an automobile supplier, but it would create the opportunity for the company to tap into other markets as well. However, as they adjust their product to be appealing to all of their consumers, it evokes the question of whether or not globalization will cause...

References: Globalization from the Local. (Feb. 14, 2013). Ford: The American Car Company Gone Global. Retrieved from
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