Values and Ethical Beliefs Based on Principles Essay Example

Pages: 8 (3503 words) Published: January 21, 2012
Values and ethical standards play a very important role in our daily lives at home and work because of what we personally believe in. Values are things that we feel that have an important meaning in our lives. Ethics are the standards of behavior of what our society appears to believe what is right and wrong. My individual values and ethic have slowly developed due to my own personal life’s experiences with family, education, and work. In my reflection paper I will discuss my own personal values, morals, and ethics and relate it to my last job when I was working for a hospital in Arizona. I will incorporate my experience and analyze my moral and ethical principles in an organization evaluation of strengths and weaknesses using detailed examples of circumstances and contexts from the knowledge I have learned so far in my course study with Personal and Organizational Ethics.

My personal values play a very important role in my life and they all have to do with what is most important to me. The things that I value the most are my family, religion, education, and my work. Family and religion are my two most important values that I believe to be very important in my life because family is where I have learned most of what and who I am today with my prioritizing my values, ethical and moral standards. My parents brought me up to respect and value family, religion, education, and never to take work for granted. I have had the pleasure of experiencing my parents love and support in all my decisions as an adult. Their love and moral guidance, I believe has helped me set my values and ethical standards. Moral standards include the norms we have about the kinds of actions we believe are morally right and wrong as well as the values we place on the kinds of objects we believe are morally good and morally bad (Velasquez, 2006). I only want others around me to be proud of who I am and what kind of moral and ethical decisions I make not only for me, my family but for my co-workers as well. In the future, if I am to be placed in a supervisor or management position I would want others to respect me due to how I handle certain situations with the best experience in making ethical, and moral decisions not only for them but for the company we work for. In my personal vision and mission statement I believe in honesty and truth. Not only do I believe in my own statement but I believe that businesses should focus on three different kinds of issues: systemic, corporate, and individual. According to Velasquez, 2006 p. 14, a Systemic issues in business ethics are ethical questions raised about the economic, political, legal, and other social systems or institutions within which businesses operate. This would touch on how a business operates when making decisions morality of capitalism, law, regulations, industrial structures, and social practices. Money should never get in the way of making the right decision for oneself or for one’s employer. I believe in the saying, “What goes around will come around.” If I lie, cheat, or steel; it will come around and bite me in the behind ten times greater. If I stand up for the truth and work honestly at my job it will find me later down my life’s path and bless me ten times greater. My personal impression of what I would like others to view me to be in the future when I am a manager is someone that everyone looks up to for advice because they see how open, honest, and my moral along with my ethical reasoning’s are followed by a very strict code of ethics. As a future manager I want to follow and respect company’s policy guidelines and help others know that by doing this you can make a difference in people’s lives and even possibly save them from being fired, fined, and/or imprisoned. I think this is where the ethics of corporation come into play. Instead I want to help get them that promotion or raise they deserve. I’m all about helping others and myself to make a positive change in their values, morals,...
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