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“… the leader has to set a personal example and make others understand in what ways ‘change’ is going to be useful. I believe that professionals working in our organizations must have a clarity of thought combined with a passionate pursuit of mastery of their subject.” Kurien combined vision with administrative abilities. He had an uncanny ability to influence the leaders and virtually had a free hand from all prime ministers, right from Lal Bahadur Shastri to Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Despite holding him in high esteem people never felt intimidated by the man — because he would also be sublimely human as he spoke forcefully about reaching out and helping the farmer live with respect. He would chide someone for keeping the campus lights on during the day. It was the norm at NDDB to put up notes on one-sided papers, even those that went up to the Chairman.

Verghese Kurien: Father of White Revolution
Verghese Kurien was a renowned Indian social entrepreneur and the architect of the world's biggest agricultural development programme. The operation took India from being a milk-deficient nation, to the largest milk producer in the world and saw the birth of AMUL, the world’s biggest cooperative dairy brand. Born a Keralite, after his master's degree, he was deputed to the Government dairy at Anand in Gujarat where he rather half-heartedly served out his bond period against the scholarship given by Govt of India. However, Enthused by the challenge of doing something for the milk farmers, he resigned from his government job and volunteered to help Shri Tribhuvandas in changing the lives of farmers and end their exploitation at the hands of middlemen. This became a journey of a lifetime for him and he ended up making Gujarat his home. He faced innumerable challenges, ranging from interference of politicians and bureaucrats, unavailability of technology and lack of trained manpower. He saw opportunity in every crisis. He founded around 30 institutions...
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