V for Vendetta

Topics: V for Vendetta, Natalie Portman, Evey Hammond Pages: 3 (1190 words) Published: November 5, 2011
How fear is portrayed in the film V for Vendetta

Peering out the top window, you would see them coming. Five men dressed in black from head to toe. Carrying huge clubs and guns. First you’d hear it, the CRASH and THUMP of the door as it was knocked violently to the ground. “Search the house!” The leader of the five would hiss. Thick steel boots would tramp up the stairs and into your room. You would be sick with fear, Frozen to the spot. The other men would silently move into place behind their leader, clubs and guns at their sides. After that it would be quick and painless as the club would come(came?) down, hard, blood would trickle down your already bruised face as your body goes limp. All you see then would be darkness as you were black bagged and carried helplessly away. How would you feel if this was your life? Just yesterday you had accidentally slipped to your neighbor what you really thought of the government and next thing you were being black bagged and taken away. Well this is sadly what it was like for British society in the film V for Vendetta. The government’s power was built on Britain’s fear and in my speech today I will be talking about how this fear is portrayed in the film V for vendetta. I have three points to base my speech around. How the government created a nation ruled by fear. How the population responded because of this fear.

And how this fear was broken by one character in particular V.

Sutler was his name an up and coming politician, he was a lot like Hitler really. Completely single minded with a plan to gain ultimate power. With only this in mind things started to get nasty. Larkhill detention centre was launched. The public were told it was a search for biological weapons, but really it is was a detention centre in which homosexuals and people who spoke out against what Sutler and his party stood for were taken. The hope was to build power complete and total hegemonic domination. Then?Along came another man like Sutler,...
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