V Cola Cash Adman

Topics: Contract, Negotiation, The Final Pages: 1 (273 words) Published: May 9, 2015
Cash Adman: Negotiation results

Your name: Shivaun Deena
Chikara team #: 4
1. Did you agree on a contract? YES

2. What are the terms of the contract?Executives – 3, Seniors – 12, Juniors – 18, Connie – 1

Total Quote: $10,258,000
2a. What is your bonus?$5,000
3. Using the assumptions from your confidential information, please evaluate your happiness with the final agreement (1=very unhappy, 5=very happy, mark with X). Briefly state why. 1

I was unhappy with the final results because our team did not work cohesively, which resulted in a everyone trying to reach their individual goals rather than a set of collectively agreed upon goals.

4. What did you do well/poorly?
I did a very good financial analysis that included several sensitivity analysis’, which enabled me to accurately pinpoint the quote range ($10MM-$10.5MM) that would have been most acceptable for the Trek team. However, I forgot to think about how to sell the value of the staff to the Trek team, which brought down the price in the negotiations since my marketing team member was not the most well prepared to deliver a value pitch. Additionally, I forgot to include %-based earnings on future projects because I was so focused on not going below the 10% profit margin that I had set for myself. 5. What did other people do well/poorly?

The other team’s financial representative was very aggressive and would not budge on the quote. It was very intimidating and I think set a little fear in my team since we did not want to lose the deal/potential cash flow.
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