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Market Analysis

There is an increasing number of dormitories, apartments and condominium units that are housing students and families. This is because of the presence of universities, colleges, and secondary schools in the area.

They also observed the growing number of business establishments such as Internet cafes, laundromats, cafeterias, sari-sari stores and water stations.

In the map of proposed site illustrated by Mar, there are 2 schools near the area, the University of Sto. Tomas and Dominican School and three adjacent building that has 150 residents in Building A, Building B has 50 residents and 70 for Building X. These indicates that the location is accessible to these target markets.

Mar also obtained some demographic information from the National Statistics Office. There is a total of 1.6 M population around the area with the highest age group from 20-29 that compose mostly of college students and young professionals.

Industry Analysis

Convenience stores started in the early 1980s and became prevalent in areas with high foot traffic. These included sites near schools, churches, public maarkets, residential communities, gasoline stations, and loading and unloading areas of public transport. Most of these stores offered ready to eat siopao, hotdogs, donuts, cold and hot drinks. A small place was even provided for customers who wish to eat inside the store.

Mar went around Sampaloc to survey the business establishments in the area. The profile of commercial establishments within 700 meter radius of proposed location showed that there were only 1 convenient store, 11 sari sari stores 2 small groceries,5 bakeries, 2 water stations, 8 internet cafes and 7 laundromat. This means the market is in need of a convenient store where the buyers can have all these products in one store.

Environmental Analysis (SWOT Analysis)


The convenient store has a good strategic location in the area. They are surrounded by...
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