Us History 1301 Notes

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1301 U.S. History – B. Lewellen
Pangea – Super continent
Early Migration to America:
* Called hunters and gatherers
* Russia, Siberia, Japan… -> Canadian rocky mountains and plains of America * Crossed over the Beringia (water between Alaska & Russia)

North America Pre-1492:
* Natives became extinct because of disease & war with European Settlers * Southwest – Natives migrated and died often because of the heat and lack of food sources. Marco Polo:
* Helped create 1st empire in 1200’s
* From Italy
* Wanted to travel far east to china and india from Europe for spices, silk, rice, medicines, animals, gold, gunpowder, & dynamite * Italy, Greece, Turkey, middle east
* Traveled by foot or animals for 20+ years (boats on water) * Brought back to venice
* Only wealthy could afford it
Kublai Kahn:
* Relative of Genghis Kahn (before gk)
* Comes to Europe with Polo and gives presence to king of venice Random:
* Late 12-1300’s Italy became extremely wealthy
* Exploration and exchange
* China & Japan in Africa
* Catholicism – only educated and wealthy could read the latin bible Inquisition:
* Dark ages, ignorance, kept people in the dark
* Witch hunts
* Catholics put out spins and lies that single women that are healers were witches * Midwives were usually healers as well
* Cats were a sign of witchcraft
* “witches” and cats were tortured and killed, often burned at the stake * Catholic churches created many torture devices
The Bubonic Plague:
* 1345-1360’s
* The black death
* Spread by fleas on rats from china
* Cats were all dead, so there was nothing to kill the rats * 35% Europeans dies
* Mostly the poor, wealthy left
* Symptoms – cold/flu, hemorrhaging, welts and blisters * Towns burned dead and infected (human bonfire)
* Women (prostitutes), Jews, alcoholics, and gamblers were blamed for the plague and that it was God punishing them for their sins * People asked for forgiveness and found God and flogged themselves * Jews were burned alive in town squares

Juan Ponce de Leon
* Believed that somewhere in the new world was the fountain of youth * Explores Florida
* Spanish built up “forts”
* The fort in Texas is the Alamo
* St. Augustine, Florida becomes the permanent base for the Spanish

Francisco Vasquez de Coronado
* Believes he can walk through Mexico, go north, and find China * Believed that there are 7 cities of gold in the new world * Travels up through Mexico through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas panhandle (Amarillo), Oklahoma, Kansas, and the Grand Canyon * Indian princess takes them on a wild goose chase

* If they would’ve gone a little further west to San Francisco, California, they probably would have found gold (found in 1849) Hernando de Soto
* Maps out Florida
* Explores Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Arkansas… * Did not make it back to Spain, dies in 1544
Juan de Oñate
* 1521-1821
* Found silver mines in Latin America
* King raises taxes because of the cost of voyages
* Goes up through El Paso from Mexico City to New Mexico and finds the Pueblos * Spanish and Pueblos fight (Called the Pueblos revolt)
* Pueblos do well until the Spanish get more men and arms (beginning the bronze age) * It was the first time an Indian tribe fought back
* Spanish had guns and swords, Indians had bows and arrows and spears * Spain finally takes Portuguese routes and goes to China Henry VIII
* One illegitimate bastard son
* Creates Protestantism as England’s major religion

English vs. Spain
Elizabeth I
* was wanted because she was protestant
* played a stride in politics

France in North America – sail down St. Lawrence River
Robert Cavalier (sieur de la Salle)
* Sails into Texas through Gulf of Mexico as a mistake....
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