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Media Audiences
This unit addresses the key issues of: media audiences and audience activity; the relations between media, citizenship and community; and the impact of new communication technologies. Most importantly, it makes available to you the techniques and theoretical frameworks for researching and analysing audience activity and interactivity. It also helps you learn how these frameworks can be deployed in research design. The unit is organised in three blocks: ways of theorising audiences, ways of researching audiences, and ways of being an audience. In the first block (topics 1-3), we examine how audience members can be theorised as agents, as members of a population to be governed, as (active) citizens, and as consumers. In the second block (topics 4-6), we examine the main research traditions and frameworks for producing knowledge about audiences, including effects, uses and gratifications, reception and cultural studies traditions. In the final block (topics 7-10), we explore some of the different ways of being an audience, including the violent audience, the gendered audience, the new media audience and the fan.

Mode of Delivery Workload

Prohibitions for ATS2454 Prohibitions for ATS3454 Prerequisites Chief Examiner Unit Coordinator Campus: Phone: Email: Campus Coordinator Campus: Phone: Email: Campus Coordinator Campus: Email:

On-campus, Off-campus This is a six credit point unit and therefore implies twelve hours work a week by a student in formal class contact and/or self-directed study. For on-campus students there are 2 hours per week of classes (a two hour seminar). COM2423, COM3423, ATS3454 COM2423, COM3423, ATS2454 COM1010 and COM1020, or ATS1277 and ATS1278, or equivalent Susan Yell Susan Yell Gippsland 03 9902 6442 sue.yell@monash.edu Susan Yell Gippsland, Berwick As above As above Callum Gilmour Malaysia callum.gilmour@sass.monash.edu.my UNIT GUIDE SEMESTER 1, 2013


www.monash.edu www.monash.edu

Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this unit students will be able to: 1. demonstrate a basic grasp (2nd level) or a developed grasp (3rd level) of the social conditions, material practices, products and outcomes of various media; 2. demonstrate an awareness of the connections between communications technologies and the formation of audiences, citizens and communities; 3. utilise the understandings in Objectives 1 and 2 to describe and analyse historical, current and likely future trends in audience formations; 4. identify and evaluate a range of theoretical approaches to understanding audiences; 5. demonstrate basic knowledge (2nd level) or sound knowledge (3rd level) of some audience research techniques, issues and choices; and 6. utilize the understandings in Objectives 4 and 5 to design a basic research project (2nd level) or a detailed research project (3rd level).

Assessment Summary
You must submit all specified tasks in order to pass the unit. If you receive less than 50% for an individual task you will not automatically fail. A final mark and grade is allocated at the end of semester, after marks for all tasks are calculated. Task Class participation (on-campus students)/Participation in online discussion group (off-campus students) Research design proposal Exam Due date Throughout semester (online participation closes Friday of Week 12) Week 9 Exam period Weighting 10%

50% 40%

Students taking this unit at Level 3 will be expected to demonstrate a more sophisticated understanding of research paradigms for the research design assignment. They will be expected to demonstrate (in their class participation/online postings and in the exam) a more sophisticated understanding of Objectives 1, 2 and 3.

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References: Value: 40% Time: 2 hours (approx. 2000 words) Task: The exam will test your general understanding of the central concepts discussed in the unit. Further advice regarding the exam will be mailed out to you during the semester.
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