Unit 2 Us History Study Guide

Topics: United States, William Jennings Bryan, African American Pages: 4 (309 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Unit 2 Study Guide


1. Importance of Steel

2. John D. Rockefeller

3. Andrew Carnegie

4. Mass production

5. Thomas Edison

6. Monopolies

7. Horizontal/vertical integration

8. Entrepreneur

9. Corporation

10. American Federation of Labor

11. Haymarket Riot

12. Pullman Strike

13. International Commerce Commission (ICC)

14. Steerage

15. Sweatshop

16. Sherman Anti-Trust Act

17. Karl marx

18. Skyscrapers

19. Push/pull factors of immigration

20. Ellis Island

21. Angel Island

22. “Gilded Age”

23. Americanization Programs

24. Urbanization

25. Vaudeville

26. “melting pot”

27. Mass culture

28. Mass transit

29. nativism

South and West during the “Gilded Age”

30. Main agricultural crops after the Civil War

31. Farmer’s Alliance

32. Jim Crow laws

33. Main limitation of the Southern economy after Civil War

34. Limitations put on Southern blacks after Civil War

35. Reservations

36. Transcontinental railroad

37. Reason people moved west

38. Homestead Act

39. Assimilate

Problems of the “Gilded Age”

40. W.E.B. DuBois

41. Booker T. Washington

42. Chinese Exclusion Act

43. Susan B. Anthony

44. Problems for farmers after Civil War

45. Populist party

46. Supporters of Populism

47. William Jennings Bryan


1. The time period, 1877-1897, is known as the “Gilded Age”. Why is it called this? What social, economic, and political issues were prevalent during this time period. What did the Government, farmers, and minority groups (women, African-Americans) do to alleviate the challenges posed before them?

2. Industrialization began to emerge in America after the Civil War. What developments led to America’s move towards Industry. Also, what were the effects of...
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