understanding human society

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Higher Sociology

Understanding Human Society 2


SFEU (Scottish Further Education Unit) gratefully acknowledge the contribution made to this publication by Learning and Teaching Scotland who have granted permission to use material previously produced by HSDU.

SFEU also thank SQA for permission to reproduce parts of the Arrangement documents. Contents

Guide to the learning and teaching pack 3

Statement of standards 4

Introduction to the Unit and learning and teaching approaches 10 Tutor guide to studying theories for each of the four topics 11

Suggested reading and resources for the Unit 12

Learning and teaching materials on:
Topic 1: The sociology of the family 13
Topic 2: The sociology of welfare and poverty 56
Topic 3: The sociology of crime and deviance106
Topic 4: The sociology of the mass media157

Guide to the learning and teaching pack

The purpose of these support notes is to provide the basis of a course for teachers and lecturers for the third Unit in the revised Higher Sociology Course. There are four sociological topics in this Unit, two of which must be studied for the Course and Unit assessment. The four sociological topics are:

1. The sociology of the family.
2. The sociology of welfare and poverty.
3. The sociology of crime and deviance.
4. The sociology of the mass media.

Key words are printed in bold font for emphasis and internalising. In each instance the topic should be introduced on a fairly broad basis, looking at some of the key features and definitions of the topic. The support notes then concentrate on four of the theories outlined in the Course specification, but these are not a prescriptive list. Other relevant theories, from either the Unit specification, or otherwise, may be used to supplement or replace the theories discussed. It is important for teachers and lecturers to read the Unit and Course specifications and particularly the mandatory requirements for each.

The general approach for each of the four study areas will be to begin with a general introduction looking in particular at some of the key features and key changes that have taken place within the area of study. The notes will then study and analyse four of the theories from the list within the Unit specification. These support notes will then cover specified aspects for the topics, including sub-strands of these aspects. The aspects and sub-strands are located in the Unit specification.

In doing so, these support notes specifically cover the following for each of the four topics:

Key features.
Changes and definitions.
Theories and evaluation.
Aspects – including specific areas that cut across each aspect. Studies and evaluation.

The Unit specification provides details on both the mandatory requirements for the study of this Unit and general and specific guidance designed to help teachers and lecturers in the delivery of this Unit.

Statement of standards

Unit: Understanding Human Society 2 (Higher)

Outcome 1

Describe sociological topics and their relationship to human society.

Performance criteria

(a) Describe sociological topics succinctly and correctly.
(b) Describe key features of sociological topics succinctly and correctly.

Outcome 2

Evaluate the contribution of key sociological theories to an understanding of sociological topics.

Performance criteria

(a) Correctly apply relevant and contrasting sociological theories to topics. (b) Provide a balanced evaluation of the contribution of contrasting sociological theories to understanding topics.

Outcome 3

Evaluate selected aspects of sociological topics using different sociological theories and studies.

Performance criteria

(a) Explain aspects of topics in a balanced way by taking account of different sociological...
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