Umbc College Admission Essay

Topics: Computer science, High school, Engineering Pages: 1 (272 words) Published: September 14, 2012
The ability to create something out of nothing - or to enhance an existing design – has been at the core of my imagination and creativity. I was six when my dad brought home a
build-it-yourself-robot. I was instantly hooked on science and technology.

From then on, I was always building something new or enhancing a design in an extraordinary way. I sought to create innovative projects, and also to compete against others’ designs through local and regional science fairs. My designs regularly received accolades for their unique approaches to the presented problem.

My high school offered a specialized academic concentration called Academy of Information and Technology. Through core classes and attached after school activities, I learned about information systems and computer science from every available angle. I acquired

programming experience that allowed me to code applications and functions. I delved into computer engineering, and earned my A+ certification.

My passion would not let me stop there. Once I learned all I could from the software and hardware pathways at school, I dove into computer networking. A summer internship at an IT consulting firm let me put my education to practical use: I was charged with redesigning the company’s server room. I spent the summer researching the necessary equipment, making presentations to persuade the accounting department to make the purchases, and eventually assembling and installing it all.

I want to build on my skills by earning a computer science degree from The University of Maryland – one of the nation’s top 20 schools in this field. One day I will fulfill my dream of building technology that will make a difference.
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