Uk Politics and Government

Topics: Cold War, Joseph Stalin, Soviet Union Pages: 4 (1571 words) Published: February 7, 2013
Wo Jun Shing


The Cold War was completely quiet a big disaster to the world. It was caused by the military tensions between The United States and its NATO allies with The Soviet Union with its allies. Instead of it, there are also several things that help caused the war, European countries were not stable back then, economical collapsed are everywhere, so does in America. The Iron Curtain also affects the world, people were frightened. America was secretly trying to figure out The USSR’s plan, they were sending their CIA spies. The USSR felt threatened by The US because its NATO and they started to form an alliance with Cuba, which located in the south of America. Ideological differences, yalta and postdam, stalin’s policy, America’s policy of containment, the Berlin blockade, and NATO were the main things that caused the war. They have successfully made pros and contras. Those things are also have made a lot of controversial between historians and people until now. The Cold War was a mixture between a lot of things. Military, diplomacy, and economics problem were involved in the war. Those things are actually based on ideology. People were having a lot of different perspectives, thus, at that time people were really need to be fair but it was also hard to make decisions that are fair to every people and nations. Because for example, in one nation, the people of its nations wanted a lot of things that can’t be afford easily as well as the other nations. Back then, the two super powers were having a contrast differences between their ideology. The USSR was a communist country which was ruled by a dictatorship, they put the needs of the country far above the humans’ needs. The US was a capitalist democracy country which valued and relied freedom for their citizens and dislike the communist systems. There was also a doubt and mistrust between both super powers...
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