U.S. Small Business Administration

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Jasmine Mitchell
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Dr. Quinn
February 7,2012

The SBA which stands for the U.S. Small Business Administration offer several services and roles to people who are starting a small business and want to know ways to keep their business going. The role of the SBA and several services such as developing marketing plan, determining a business size, small business innovation research program, being able to lead a business, and decision making. Each of these roles and services play a part in making sure people know different ways to getting help when trying to establish a small business and maintain consistency. The role of the SBA is to provide different ways of financial assistance programs for small business that is made and meet the criteria to receive different financial needs. These financial needs range from debt financing, surety bonds, and equity financing, which will be explained. The SBA helps a small business owner receive a loan from a third party lender as well as receiving a bond that is guaranteed and help find capital. Debt Financing, which is a guarantee loan program, does not allow the SBA to make any direct loans to any small business. When the SBA help a small business owner receive a loan they make sure that guidelines are set and that these loans will be paid off. This means that when a business applies for a loan through SBA the loan is actually a commercial loan, which is structured according to what is required and with an SBA guaranty. If a person trying to obtain a loan through this program but already is receiving financing from somewhere else they will not receive any additional loans through the SBA. As the fiscal policy changes in the government the requirements for the loans and practices may change as well. Surety Bonds, which is a bonding program, helps small business that are not able to get surety bonds from other commercial channels. This bond is set up as a three party between a surety, a contractor, and also a project owner, which is an agreement that a contractor can go along with the different terms and conditions of the contract. This helps the contractor when the contract isn’t able to be successful it allows the contractors to be assured that they project is completed. During any loss of the surety it is guaranteed that the SBA will receive a certain percentage of the loss the contractor can breach the terms of the contract. This gives the sureties a way to provide a bonding for a contractor who is eligible and gives them more strength to being able to receive more funding and being able to do more contracting for small businesses. Equity Financing, which is also the Venture Capital Program, is an investment that is public-private investment partnership where a small business can receive venture capital. These small business investment company programs are not publicly owned and the SBA from their investment funds as well as being licensed and regulated by the SBA manages everything. When the SBICs provide financing to small business owners it is in the form of an equity or debt and expect a high returns in investors by the way the small business is operated and how much of a return they are receiving in their business. In order to receive a loan from the SBICs a small business must meet the same business concerns as the SBA ask for. Developing a Marketing Plan is a service that the SBA offers to those who need to prepare a solid marketing plan. A market plan that is strong allows a small business owner to be able to stick to a solid plan that is based on the schedule and ensuring that money is spent wisely. A market plan has several things that it can do for a small business owner. Having a marketing plan allows a business owner to understand the target market and the competitive position of the market. It also allows a business owner to scoop out its competitors and be able to differentiate their...
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