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Research Paper 1980’s US

This research paper basically contains some prominent facts describing some of the popular events, whether they are political, social, economical or cultural, that took place in United States between the period ranging from 1980 to 1989. In these 10 years, there were immense changes that occurred and affected United States, both in an encouraging manner and conversely as well. Several events of major importance in the history of US took place in these years, like the change of governments that took place in the start of the 1980’s and the follow up of different policies being adopted by the government after coming into the power.

The first major political change or event that occurred in US was the change of government in the year 1980. Ronald Reagan was elected as the new president of the United States in 1980. Soon after this significant political change in the US, the policies being adopted by these governments also changed as the change of opinion or change in the approach of resolving the problems is being occurred. In international affairs, the first important thing that Reagan practiced was a tightening policy being implemented for reducing the spread of communism or capitalism, and hence preparing the platform for the significant buildup of the U.S. military base to confront against the Soviet Union (Allen, 1999). Another important political development that this new government imposed was the strengthening of the activities against the spread of drugs. For promoting this cause of war against drugs, the government introduced anti-drug campaigns including a very popular one i.e. the Just Say No campaign being initiated by the Lady of the president itself, Nancy Reagan. Cocaine, a famous type of drug, was even admired by the celebrities and the young and urbane individuals and crack, a cheaper and stronger subsidiary of the drug, was the major concern for the new government and hence various measures were taken to reduce this activity which was emerging quite significantly in US. During the period of 1980’s the resistance among the people was enforcing the government to take some serous steps (Ranney, 1981). For instance, many differences among the prevailing francophone residents and the Anglophone minority was causing a serious political disturbance in the state of Quebec, which lead to the emergence of the francophone rights in the chiefly English utterance Canada. A further action came into implementation in 1980, when the regional government decided to conduct an open referendum on partial division from the rest of Canada. These referendums were also being followed by similar events of military autocracy being given away to democratic governments in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Chile in 1983, 1985, 1988 and 1989 respectively.

In the starting of 1980’s there were some serious concerns about the economy of the United States as well. Before the selection of Ronald Reagan as a president, the economy was performing quite well and the Untied States was heading towards a dominant economy of the world. But soon after the change a major problem aroused, the economy of United States was facing deep recession by the end of 1982. There were huge job cuts throughout the United States and the entrepreneurs were also adversely affected as about more than 50% of the businesses were wounded by the end 1982 as compared to the previous years. The other sides of the economy was also not performing well as the farmers incurred huge losses, the price of the crop raised significantly and so the exports were affected adversely (The Economy in 1980’s, n.d.). The inflation rate also raised and hence the interest rates were allowed to increase. These negative aspects of the economy were due to the fact of the poor government policies being adopted by the new government of United States. They adopted the policy of lowering the...

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