U.S. Health Policy

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Health Policymaking in the United States involves a complex web of decisions and authorities made by many Health institutions and political actors across a wide range of Public and Private sectors. In the Public sector it may include federal, local, state governments, however; in the Private it consists of the Health care Providers, Health care professional and purchasers, all interacting at the policy cycle and in all of its stage, without having one party dominates one stage of that cycle.

Regarding the Legislative process, it usually starts with the Formulation (i.e. getting problems to the government and agenda setting), Implementation (i.e. this occurs inside public and federal programs, where ideas would be operating), and finally the modification or evaluation phase (Laureate, 2008). A number of features characterize the Legislative process in the U.S. Health care, including: Pluralistic and Interest group politics; where usually the Health policy outcomes and reforms take into full account the demands of these groups, Secondly; Government as Subsidiary to the Private sector, since the Health care is not considered as the primary responsibility of the government in addition to the escalated costs and the excessive regulations’ constraints accompanied with the government sector, accordingly ; this is affecting the government’s role in the health care delivery , giving the credit to the private sector over it. Third, the Impact of the presidential leadership and the congress role, as Americans are always looking to their presidents and their capabilities to positively change the Policies or legislations, in order to make it more compatible with the nation goals (Shi and Singh, 2008) , an example on this point is the reform that has been passing under President Obama, which is “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”, with its multiple determinations to improve the Health care.

The development of a consistent...

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