U.S. Foreign Policy Impact on Latinas

Topics: Pollution, Woman, Family Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: March 17, 2011
U.S. foreign policy impact on Latinas
One thing for sure is that when a woman discovers an issue, especially in regards to her family, she’s going to keep looking to make sure no one else is messing her over. Women have endured the hardship of working in factories while being sexually and verbally harassed and no breaks. They are pressured to produce, work long hours and sometimes take work home. The wages are low, making it difficult to maintain the household. The workers who get paid by the piece can quickly be engulfed in anger when it’s found out that the whole item may sell for $50 and the piece made by the worker was 10 or 11 cents. In factories, the workers are also exposed to harsh chemicals and pollution that also polluted the water and the air. These pollutants cause illnesses, rashes, sores, and breathing issues. The women became activist in order to protect their families’ health and the rights of individual workers. Initially, the women came from all around, looking for way to help the family and were sometimes single mothers. They worked well with their hand and were cheap labor. The women were unaware of the procedures, was seen a commodity, and had to remain productive. Once the women got fed up being kicked around, they learned their rights, exerted themselves, and the factory owners quickly determine the women are less valuable. The work standards were similar on either side of the border except the women that came to the US, usually, had hopes of dream jobs and careers. In the US, the women had to join together for support. Not wanting to lash out regarding the conditions, a lot of women held their tongue because they were undocumented and they had a job with no questions asked. It takes a lot to build up the courage to stand up for something but no doubt that courage can come from seeing your kids without the necessities.
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