U.S. Be the Top of the “Premier Division

Topics: Economics, Economic growth, United States Pages: 3 (964 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Will U.S. be the top of the “premier division” of world economic in the future? Introduction
In 2010, American GDP increased 2.9%, which is much lower than “BRIC”countries’ GDP increasing number, but this figure still higher that European GDP increasing number (0.7%).Some of experts begin to analyze U.S. by GDP Index and unemployment rate to prove that U.S. economic leadership will be replace by “BRIC” country. However, in this article, it will prove that U.S. economic will still be the top of “premier division” of world in the future by its unknown core competencies. These core competencies analysis will be divided by two parts, the first part is U.S. multinational corporation’s value chain integrations, which will compare U.S. Major Corporations with Chinese corporations(manufactory department); the second parts is Global financial monopoly ,which will explain EU ,China financial control power in Euro debt crisis case. Compare U.S. economic with EU and China (China will represent “BRIC” countries in context) According to the April Economics periodical (2011), it analyzes the U.S. economy by two important factors which is economic growth perspective and unemployment rate particular less-skilled worker. Using economic statistical data, such as GDP, FDI, CPI etc, is the common way to evaluate a country’s economic in academia, while these data can simply assess the economy good or not, rather than core competence of economy. In this part, it will compare U.S. economy with Chinese and European economy by statistical data and global value chain integration. It is obvious that China GDP growth is much higher than EU and U.S. GDP growth (see Figure 1) and EU GDP growth can not catch up with US during the booming. According to EU economic growth rate can not exceed U.S. and EU should solve its EU internal problem in the next 10 years (Deficit, Debt, Unified Financial), those who have ability to exceed U.S. to be the NO.1 in global economic will be China, so in this...
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