U.S 19th Century History Paper

Topics: African American, Native Americans in the United States, Slavery Pages: 3 (1025 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Vikash Chanzaplal
His 111A final exam fall 2012
December 18th at 11am

Through out the 19th century history course I took this semester, I have learned about the two different view points about history. They have the Traditional view and the Revisionist view, both of these view of 19th century history are completely different and bring about very interesting debates when every talked about. I will talk about the Revisionist school of history and why I like them better then the tyrannical Traditional views. I also like the Revisionist view of history because, they don’t sugar cote anything but tell it like it is. Unlike the lying, deceiving, radical Traditional view. I would like to give a few examples of why I support the Revisionist view, “Mazur thesis the power of myth and how people think about the American dream”. “The completion of the transcontental railroad helps trigger the 19th century economic boom”.” The two versions, two visions and the meaning of America”. “The great man theory”, were the great men great? These are some of the topics that mad me chose the revisionist school of thought. When I am done writing this essay u would feel the same way I do.

The first piece of evidence that I would like to use is, “America has been and evil empire which has oppressed its neighbors as wells as those designated as foreigners, according to the class notes. This has been the truth for many years; let’s take a look in to slavery. Slavery has been introduced in United States in the early 19century. Using the African American people as slaves and selling them as real estate. Its funny how the WASP, escaped oppression from Europe and come to land later knows as America to oppress many other race’s of people.

Secondly the 1st anti- immigration law is passed directed, against Chinese immigrants according to class notes. This was law passed against the Chinese people who contributed 25% of the labor supply in the...
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