U Are What U Wear

Topics: Tracksuit, Trousers, Clothing Pages: 3 (933 words) Published: November 19, 2008
Maria Grays
November 19, 2008

The way we dress has an impact on how we are viewed upon or categorized in society. Whether we are at work, school, the mall, or simply taking a stroll in the park, we are judged just because of our clothing. The fact of the matter is clothing plays a key role in how we live our lives in many ways and in how we will be portrayed or even treated. Clothing could even effect us as a person promoting high or low Self-esteem, in which the statement "you are what you wear" could definitely hold true. Whatever the case may be, clothing is important in our society perception of who you are. For example, a young man attending a job interview for a major law firm in ripped jeans and a shirt will not be taken seriously even though he does qualify A young lady attending a wedding in an extremely revealing outfit might be portrayed as promiscuous, disrespectful, sluttish, or even distasteful, beautiful, sexy. The person who walks into a classroom wearing name brand clothing might be considered as a person of wealth.. If a person attends a wedding in sweat suit, most likely this person would be portrayed as cheap, poor, dirty, disrespectful. In our society we have to try to present ourselves in a manner in which we are ready for other people to judge us because we ourselves judge others. Creating the saying you have to dress the part in our society. Not only are we judged by what we wear but also by the color of our clothing. Wearing certain colors could categorize a group or an individual as a certain way. For instance, a person who is under no circumstances involved in a gang could be easily shot at because of their choice of colors. Those colors could. However, not only are colors viewed as an affiliation with gangs, but purity as well. A lady getting married who wears any color but white could be seen as impure. Because the color white symbolizes purity, her gown of color leads many to believe she is impure. Wearing...
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