Topics: Sheriff, Marriage, Husband Pages: 4 (1226 words) Published: November 12, 2013
Read the Powerpoint and the Play (copies attached in our Lessons Folder) and then answer the following questions: Try to make reference to certain scenes or lines by describing them ( you do not need exact page numbers) as you remember them, GIVE EXAMPLES. **Please type up your answers on a separate page using our regular Class format. DO NOT REPEAT THE QUESTIONS WITH YOUR ANSWERS!!!!  

1.      What is the relationship between the two women, Mrs. Peters, Mrs. Hale? How do they react to one another and to Mrs. Wright? How do they react to then men? BE SPECIFIC  
The relationship between the two Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale is that one is the wife of the sheriff in charge of the investigation of a murder that other in company of her husband found. They develop a similar felling for Mrs. Wright through the play. They defended Minnie of the cruel comments and false judgment made by the men. Based on this they decide to hide all possible evidence from the investigators trying hard to aid Mrs. Wright as much as they can.  

2. Does the behavior of Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Wright change as the play progresses? If so, explain how and why. Their behavior slightly change through the play. At the beginning of the play they took Mrs. Wrights side after the comments made by the men in the kitchen. It showed some kind of sympathy for Minnie and as they were acquiring knowledge of Minnie's present life, a felling of protection appeared. By the end of the play they both found part themselves on Minnie reality and the sympathy suddenly became an empathy for her.  

3What is the relationship of the Sheriff, Mr. Hale and Henderson? How do the men conduct their business and relate to one another? How do they relate to Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale? BE SPECIFIC The relationship between them is that Mr. Hale is the one that discover the body with her wife and explained to Mr. Henderson ( county attorney) and Mr. Peter (sheriff). They are all men from the XIX century and share the...
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