Transportation Planning

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CC503-Traffic engineering

1.0 Highway Engineering
Process of design and construction of efficient and safe highways and roads. 1.1 Transportation Engineering
Application of scientific principles to the safe
sub-discipline of civil engineering.

and efficient movement of people and goods ( transport). It is a

1.3 The relationship between transportation , people and goods Transportation is the movement of people and goods from one place to another with a motor vehicle or not . 1.4 Important of transportation

Transportation play important role in ancient and modern civilization, is associated with growth or decline of the nation, the ability to move, to transport military goods and needs. .
1.5 Function of transportation
Transporting goods, passengers for the purpose of economy, safety, recreation, etc..

Figure 1 : Link between transportation and society goals


CC503-Traffic engineering

1.6 Transportation
a. Ground/Land transportation:
All transportation that is not waterborne or airborne: train, truck, bus, auto, horse or dog, foot powered,. wind or gerbil powered. This kind of transportation are classified into 3 categories : i)Public

Public ground transportation generally refers to common modes, such as taxis, buses, shuttles and railroads. ii)Private
Private ground transportation-personal use car, motorcycle, mpv ii)Trade transportation – lorry, truck, locomotive
Land transport is slower.
Destinations are more limited.
Runs on more fuel, if using a land vehicle.
Land transport is safer than sea transport.
b. Water transport:
boat , ferry , hovercraft, ship
Capable of transporting large volume of merchandise goods.
Suitable for products with long lead time.
Very slow and time consuming
Difficult to monitor exact location of goods in transit
Customs and excise restrictions
c. Air transportation
aircraft , General aviation helicopters, hot balloon
The following are some of the advantages of air transport:
i. high speed
ii. quick service
iii. no infrastructure investment :no need road/rail
iv. easy access :natural route
i. risky:
ii. very costly:
iii. small carrying capacity:
iv. unreliable :due to weather changing
v. huge investment:


CC503-Traffic engineering

1.7 Purpose of transport planning
To fulfill goals by developing strategies to meet transportation need. These strategies meet current and future land use, economic development, traffic demand, public safety , health and social need. 1.7 Importance of transport planning

Transportation facilities can define the character of your neighb orhood. They can provide a safe and efficient way for you and your family to get around to all kinds of activities. They can be a source of frustration and danger. Or they can be a source of convenient and unprecedented mobility. Affects how we spend our money. Transportation infrastructure is the single largest public investment or asset that The taxes that you pay help to support development and maintenance of the system, and the efficiency of the system can affect the price of goods and services by reducing or increasing how long it takes people and goods to get around.

Figure 2: Sketch of transport planning cycle

1.9 The element of transport planning
Planning process
Level of research
Demand prediction and proposal plans preparation stage.
Proposal plans assessment stage
Implementation of selective plan
Monitoring and rechecking

1.10 Duration of transport planning
a) Short-term
involves the upgrading of roads (width / road construction) and maintenance roads within five years. Limited renovation of the existing transportation system.

Is a means of allocating limited transportation funds to projects and programs; Is a list of transportation projects to be implemented in the next three to five years; Includes all transportation...
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