Traditional families

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Greg Chiazor
Soc 111
Writting Assignment

Historically many families could live comfortably on a single income. Parents would send their children and adolecnts to live in other households as servants and apprentices or let them be raised by other relatives. In the 1900s children were allowed to work in mills, factories, and mines. In the middle class, servants often handled tasks. Currently families today are more diverse than ever. They arent your traditional family. We have families today that have no father in the household or the children are raised by grandma and grandpa or other relatives. In todays famililies the children dont work, or some may not attend school because you have the parnts trying to be more of the childs friend than a parent. The function of the family is to ensure that children are taught the norms and values of society. They also function to provide economic support for other family members. Heredity is physical or mental characteristics that is gentically passed down from one generation to another. For example a family can be known for having cancer, meaning in every generation someone in that familyis diagnosed with cancer. Families often care for a variety of dependents. They also teach children practical skills, beliefs, and morals. Today you barely see this. Some children in todays society are very disprespectful to their elders. It makes you wonder what happend to all the morals and beliefs that the parents should be teaching the children. The effect of divorce can be caused by serial monogamy and can be very hard on a family. It can especailly be very hard on the children within those families, causing major disruptions. It could affect the long term happiness of the children if it is not handled properly. Its up to the parents to handle thier situaiton appropriately for the sake of thier childrens health and well being. Family households are nowadays being headed by the women. Evidence shows that children are far...
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