Toyota Just in Time

Topics: Toyota Production System, Quality assurance, Toyota Pages: 12 (3540 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Particulars Page no. 1.0) Introduction 2.1) Company History

2.2) Aim 2.3) Objectives 2.4) Organizational chart 2.0) Problem Identification 3.5) Quantitative 2.1.1) Quality and design problem 2.1.2) Design problem 2.1.3) Welding problem 2.1.4) stalling problem 2.2) Quantitative problem 2.2.1) production problem
2.2.2) Recession problem 2.2.3) Accelerated problem
3.0) operational concepts 3.1) Quality 3.2) ISO 9000/ISO 14000

3.3) Just in time 3.3) Lean production 4.0) Investigation 5.0) analytical report 6.0) conclusion 7.0) references
In the course of Operational management and Organization module, this assignment is about the Toyota Company, this one of the biggest automobile manufacture company. Here the author is discussing about the organization chart, aim of this assignment is that, quality of operational management that is useful in any business, and objectives are to investigate the problem identification and other operational concepts like quality of the products from Toyota, its Just in time, Lean production policies and the ISO 9000/ISO14000 Certification, investigating the problems via drawing the Fishbone diagram, Questionnaires and analyzing the result with drawing the Pie charts.

1.0 Introduction:
In this assignment author is discussing about the quality within the organization area within a case study method. Here author considered as a...

References: 1) Schniederjans,.John R.Olson(1999) Advanced topics in Just in time.
2) Robert C (2005) Improving health care using Toyota lean production method.
3) Jane Marcean (1992) Reworking the world: oganisations, technologies and cultures in competitive perspectives.
4) Harold Kerzer (2006) Project management: A system to planning, scheduling and controlling
5) Available at accessed on 09-01-10
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