Toussaint L’ouverture and William Wordsworth Essay Example

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Toussaint L’Ouverture and William Wordsworth
Haiti was once owned by Spain and France each claiming one half of the Island as its colony (Nosotro).Until long came one of the well known slaves that the Haitian people honor is Toussaint L’Ouverture. L’Ouverture was born into slavery. What Toussaint receive that many negroes didn’t receive was the ability to read and write (141). He also was a coachman and house servant instead of being in the fields. Years past, at the age of thirty three, Toussaint gain his freedom. He was the leader of the first great slave revolt in the Caribbean. He is known for freeing of Haiti and the Dominican Republic after defeating a combined British French force in 1798.

He stood up for the people in slavery and he had a mission to do, which was to get the rest out of slavery, and he accomplished it. French commander, Napoleon, was against Toussaint. He sends an army out to defeat him and his army. “Toussaint’s forces were utterly exhausted and on May 5, 1802 he accepted a peace treaty with Leclerc which ensured Haiti’s independence and allowed Toussaint to retire to his estates in peace provided that the fighting ceased. That’s when Leclerc, which is one of Napoleons people, invited him to a meeting. That’s when he was tricked into boarding the ship to France and thrown into a dungeon where he died of pneumonia and starvation. Wordsworth

“Stay near me-do not takes thy flight! A little longer stay in sight! Much converse do I find in thee, Historian of my infancy!” (Muir 12). This is some of the work of a wonderful romantic poet name William Wordsworth. William Wordsworth found his own way of writing poetry. He would write about his everyday life and about nature (Muir 7). Growing up as a child was hard for Wordsworth.

Losing his parents then being separated from his siblings was ruff. He was always close to his sister Dorothy Wordsworth. They went several years without visiting each other. William Wordsworth went...
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