Torques Equilibrium, and Center of Gravity

Topics: Torque, Rigid body, Classical mechanics Pages: 3 (703 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Torques equilibrium, and center of gravity

Torque is a quantitative measure of the tendency of a force to cause or change the rotational motion of a rigid body. A torque is the result of force acting at a distance from an axis of rotation. An essential thing to keep in mind is that the magnitude of the torque is equal to the product of the forces perpendicular distance and magnitude.

The magnitude of the torque (t) is found from the product of the force F and the perpendicular distance from the axis of rotation to the forces line of action. When there is no net torque acting on a stationary rigid body, the body will then be in static rotational equilibrium and there is no rotational motion.

* meter stick
* support stand
* laboratory balance
* string
* knife-edge clamp/four knife-edge clamps
* four hooks
* weights
* unknown mass with hooks
First the apparatus was to be set up which consisted of a supporting stand, meter stick, and knife edge clamp. The mass of the clamp and meter stick were measured on a balance beam. The clamps and weight hangers were attached to the meter stick and the instructed weights were added to each hanger and the clamps were situated on the accurate spot. The clamp was then moved slowly away from the center until the meter stick was at equilibrium or balanced. In data table 1 the distance was then recorded and the same procedure was repeated three times in which both the masses and distances changed each time. In order to complete part B the same procedure was followed to discover the mass of the unknown. For part B only one clamp and a set of weights were positioned at one end of the meter stick while a new center of balance was discovered by moving the meter stick.

Case 1 (experimental procedure)
With the meter stick on a stand m1=100g was suspended on the 15-cm position of the meter stick. Static equilibrium was then set up by the...
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