To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter Notes

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To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter Questions
Chapter 1
1. Maycomb is a slow, tired town with an incredible assortment of citizens. But, all of them are typical small town personalities: the gossips, the hicks, the poor, the upper-class, the boogeyman, etc. Atticus is a lawyer, a “satisfactory” father and supportive of his family. Jem is the typical older brother and Scout the typical younger sister. They are best friends. Yet fight/argue plenty. 2. Dill is small for his age, with white-blond hair and has seen a lot of movies. He visits Maycomb (his Aunt Rachel) every summer from now on. He is quite obsessed with the Radley house. 3. Arthur hung out with a bad crowd and got arrested for disorderly conduct, etc. his father convinced the Judge to let him keep Arthur locked in the house instead of a state industrial school. He was never seen again for 15 years. The children now see him as a type of boogeyman. (pg. 13) 4. The Radley house is a forbidden place – it’s full of danger and unknown, which is exactly the sort of thing kids are attracted to. 5. The narration is first person, Scout Finch, but she is much older than the character she is describing. Therefore, the “present” is when Scout is older, and the plot of the novel is the “past”. It is a memoir. Chapter 2

1. Scout is looking forward to school because it had been a long winter of sitting in her treehouse and watching the kids in the school yard. School looked fun to her. “I longed to join them.” (pg. 20) 2. Jem didn’t want anything to do with Scout at school because he didn’t want her to embarrass him with references to his personal life (pg. 20). This is typical for an older sibling because it is considered “ucool” to hang out with your siblings at school. 3. Miss Caroline is good at her job as a teacher but she has a lot to learn about the small town, the school and the people of the town. Strengths – She cares about her students (ex. Walter) and she is good at what she does with lots of knowledge about teaching. Weaknesses – She doesn’t understand her students and the protocol of the town yet and she is abusive (ex. Whipping with a ruler). Chapter 3

1. Calpurnia is the cook for the Finch family and is not related by blood but she cares a lot about Jem, Scout and Atticus. She is portrayed as a motherly figure. She also acts as a care taker for Jem and Scout, once again taking upon a motherly role. 2. We learn that Walter Cunningham is devoted to his traditions but forgets to follw them at times. His behaviour during lunch time suggests that his home life is a struggle, as there is not always food on the table. Therefore, when Jem invites him for lunch, he piles food on his table (he might have been hungry for a couple days. It is the Depression and not everyone is lucky enough to eat every day and Walter is one of those people). 3. Atticus treated Walter with respect as in the book it stated Walter and Atticus talked together like two men. This shows respect, compared to Scout, who openly criticized Walter about his eating habits, unaware of his difficult situations. 4. From Walter’s visit, Scout learns about hospitality and how to treat a guest. It was not fair to judge people. She “learned” this because Calpurnia scolded her for criticizing Walter’s behaviour, punishing her by making her finish her lunch in the kitchen. 5. By saying this, Atticus is trying to convey the message that you don’t know someone’s perspective and what they are going through unless you look through their eyes, think like the person and are put into their position and situation. This is not an easy thing for Scout to learn – she is still young. 6. We learn that the Ewells are very poor, have poor hygiene, only go to school the first day of the year and have no mother. Their father breaks the law – hunting out of season – but the people allow it because they think I better than arresting him and letting his kids go hungry. Chapter 4

1. Scout doesn’t like the Dewey Decimal System. She...
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