To build a fire

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Brooks Hughes
English II
27 Jan 2014
The Principle of Surviving
The term surviving means different things to different people. The definition of surviving means to remain healthy, happy, and unaffected in spite of an occurrence or struggle. In the story 'To Build a Fire' by Jack London, the main character is seen as a survivor; or a person who is unaffected by an endeavor. He has the skirmish with nature in this story, and he loses that battle. He doesn't meet his objective of reaching the cabin in Henderson Creek where he has the conception of meeting the boys and having dinner. In class we have been discussing the subject of survival, and we read some tips on surviving out in the wilderness or just surviving anywhere. They include: Perceive and Believe, which means look, see, and believe. If some thing goes sour, look for the positives. Staying calm, which means using fear for focus. Use the fear inside to make you strive to complete a goal. Think/analyze/plan, which means stay organized, and make the big, scary goal into small, manageable tasks that you can complete. Take correct and decisive actions, which means being adventurous yet cautious and wise at the same time. Celebrate you successes, and take joy in completing those tasks that you once thought were unconquerable. Count your blessing, and be grateful - you are alive! Play, meaning do math in your head, play mental games, and things like that that will keep your mind sharp and focused. See the Beauty in things; nature is beautiful, and in times where situations can be daunting, look up at the sky, look around at the trees, just bask in the beauty of life itself. Believe that you will Succeed; keep positive thoughts in your adventures and struggles in life. Believing that you will succeed will make succeeding even more glorifying than not believing in yourself and failing to complete your task, because even if you fail, you'll still know that you tried your...
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