TMA04 Supporting Children's Learning

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TMA 04 - Supporting children’s learning through the curriculum

For the purpose of this assignment I have observed a child in my setting. Ethical Guidelines have been met and all names have been changed.

Part I

In this assignment I have focused on James’s development in the area of Communication and Language. James is 14 months old and both of his parents are English speaking. The observations I made can be found as an appendix. I have made exclusively spontaneous observations, as it is James’s first week with us.

According to James’s mother he physically developed well. He was sitting up at 4 months, crawling at 7 months and walking at 10 months, but she was concerned about his communication as he did not seem to enjoy babbling as much as the other children. It was only over the last month that he started being more vocal.

It is James’s first week at nursery and James is settling well. He is communicating a lot with his carers, but also cries when certain things happen. James is scared of adult strangers and cries when other staff enter the room. James also finds it upsetting, when other children are getting attention. He is communicating his needs and feelings and shows you that he wants to join in or needs attention. I talk to him about his needs and try to involve him in the situation: “I know you are upset because I am being with Nina, but Nina hurt herself and she is sad. She needs cuddles. Can James give Nina cuddles?”

James is pointing to many different objects and he comments on them saying “Doh”. This is also called labeling (Study Topic 13, p. 15). I respond to him as often as possible naming the item he is pointing to and telling him something about it, for instance “That is a rainbow. We can see a rainbow when the sun shines and it rains.” While I am telling him this I use the signs for sun and rain to show him what I mean.
Recently James started picking up more and more words when they are used repeatedly in context. He knows

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