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A thesis proposal submitted to
Mapua Institute of Technology at Laguna
Malayan Colleges Laguna
Cabuyao, Laguna

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In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements
For the Degree of Bachelor of Science in
Industrial Engineering

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April 2014

Chapter 1

The introduction gives an overview of the thesis or research project, giving the reader a background or basis of the problem to be reported. The nature of the problem should be stated and discuss why the problem is important. It should include how your research would contribute to the solution of the problem. The beginning of this section is a focused literature review (not a general summary) centered on what we know about your specific research questions. It should give the readers an understanding of previous work so they know the context of the work you are proposing. It also states the problem of the field that needs to be investigated with an explanation for why it hasn’t been addressed by others. It should end with a paragraph telling the reader what the research plan is and a statement of why this issue is important and what can we learn from your study.

Statement of the Problem
It states the research question that drives your entire research project, so it is important to state it clearly. Students often know what they want to argue but don’t know how to formulate it into a research question. Usually, the question that inspired you to take up the research will then be your research question. To identify your research question, it may be useful to respond to the following questions: What do you want to argue? Why is this important? Why do you think you should argue it in a thesis? What directed you to this argument? What question sparked your research into your topic? For example, what is the relationship between two or more concepts, variables, phenomena, things, events, etc. This should also include a definition of terms. This section can also state subsidiary questions or subhypotheses.

The Definition of Terms lists words or group of words that was used by the researcher that needs clarification. It may include technical terms that are highly specialized with respect to the field of interest of the researcher. Readers easily understand your paper if unfamiliar words are clarified or have simplified meanings. You may search in the Science Dictionary those terms that need to be defined. You may also give an operational definition of such terms. Operational definition applies to terms on how these words were used in your research.

Rationale for the research project

After stating the research question, you must convince your adviser or panel committee that your research project is worthwhile. Think about the present factors, such as a lack of research on your topic. Then consider the future implications, what your project will contribute to your field, in order to demonstrate the validity of your project. Why is it important that a study be done on this topic? What new insights would this bring? Have no studies been done by other people (which will be revealed in a literature review)? Have some studies been done which missed aspects of the problem you think are important? Would the results of such a study provide valuable information needed to solve a certain problem? Would the results open up possibilities for further research?

The objectives of the study present concisely but thoroughly the study plan, which may include the skills you wish to learn as well as the integration of the knowledge and skills you acquired.

Chapter 2
Review of Literature

A literature review allows you to show that you are familiar with the literature pertinent to...

References: Mauch, J.E. and Park, N. (2003). Guide to the successful thesis and dissertation. Ch. 3 and 4. University of California-Berkeley. Dissertation proposal workshop.
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