There Be Dragons Outline

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English IV

#24 Sofia Carmen Villegas Tomacruz November 17, 2011 IVC Sentence Outline

There Be Dragons

Thesis Statement: There Be Dragons not only presents the life of Saint Josemaria Escriva, but also shows its viewers the strength and triumph of the human spirit in times of adversity through the development of the characteristics of its main characters in a war torn Spain. I. There Be Dragons is a movie about the strength of the human spirit.

A. Saint Josemaria Escriva and his friend Manolo experience life changing events together.

1. As children, Manolo and Saint Josemaria go through events such as Saint Josemaria’s sisters’ deaths and bankruptcy. 2. Both Manolo and Saint Josemaria join the Seminary where they are trainded to become priests but only Saint Josemaria stays. 3. Saint Josemaria visits Manolo after his father dies.

4. Saint Josemaria writes to Manolo once every year.
5. Manolo is faced with the opportunity to kill Saint Josemaria but decides against it. 6. Saint Josemaria helps Manolo to find peace.

B. Civil War breaks out in Spain and people are forced to choose sides.

1. Manolo decided to join the war and fight to avenge his father’s death as he thinks the union had caused it. 2. Saint Josemaria chooses to be brave and instead decides to form Opus Dei. 3. Manolo decided to take care of Ildiko’s child after the war as she has died and he feels responsible for him.

C. The power of forgiveness is seen as a central theme.

1. Manolo and Saint Josemaria’s complicated relationship revolved around situations that called for each of them to forgive one another. 2. Manolo desired for an absolution from Ildiko after causing the death of her boyfriend. 3. Saint Josemaria taught his companions that by simply forgiving others...
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