Theories of communication

Topics: Marshall McLuhan, Hypodermic needle, Mass media Pages: 3 (1748 words) Published: September 25, 2013
Magic Bullet Theory
(Mass Media Communication Theory)

Rey B. Labial Jr. Dr. Ismael N. Talili
Presenter, TCM 3k2Professor of Communication


Theory Definition

Magic Bullet Theory, also known as the Hypodermic Needle Theory, was the first major theory concerning the effect of the mass media on the society. The theory implies that mass media has a direct, immediate and powerful effect on its audiences.


Background Information About the Theorist

He was able to develop the idea of how media directly affects the perception of any individual exposed in the reality of the society Studied at University of Chicago
Member of the Chicago School of Sociology
Political Scientist and Communication Theorist
Professor at Yale University
President of the Political Science Association and World Academy of Arts and Sciences.  
What is Mass Media?

Mass Media means of public communication reaching a large audience.  Sociologists study mass media especially to see how it shapes people's values, beliefs, perceptions, and behavior.

The media (magic gun) fired the message directly into audience head without their own knowledge. The message cause the instant reaction from the audience mind without any hesitation is called “Magic Bullet Theory”. The media (needle) injects the message into audience mind and it cause changes in audience behavior and psyche towards the message. Audience are passive and they can’t resist the media message is called “Hypodermic Needle Theory”. Both theories are deals with impact of media messages in audience mind and how audience react towards the message without any hesitation.


Who?  Says what?  In what channel?  To whom?  With what effect? The arrow () symbolizes the direction of the flow

Several factors contributed to this "strong effects" theory of communication, including:

The fast rise and popularization of radio and...
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