THEO 201 Quiz 1 study guide

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Quiz 1 Study Guide
Towns: Chapter I
What does “prolegomena” mean?
Things that were said before.
What are the three presuppositions of prolegomena?
1: There is a God. 2: Truth exist. 3: A person can know the truth. What is the contemporary usage of the word “theology?”
The science of religion or doctrine of the church.
What is catechism?
The study of theology stimulated by questions.
What are five presuppositions for the task of theologizing?
1.there is a God and he has revealed himself. 2. That there are laws that are self-evident. 3. That man has the ability to know things to the degree to which he directly observes them. 4. That truth does not contradict itself,but is consistent and corresponds to reality. And 5. That the mind accepts that which is logical and rejects that which is illogical. What are the tests used to verify theological truths? Explain. Test of consistency, test of correspondence, test of priority of data, test of cohesiveness, test of thoroughness. What is the aim of Biblical theology?

To arrange and classify the facts of revelation confining itself to the scripture for its material, and treating of doctrine only so far as it was developed at the close of the apostolic age. Where does Biblical theology get its material?

The Bible, the forming of the bible and the languages used to write the bible. What does historical theology study?
Man’s expression of his faith by each generation in sociological and ecclesiastical settings. What does dogmatic theology study?
Varied beliefs and creedsof different religious sects and orders throught church history. What is philosophical theology?
The collecting, scientifically arranging, comparing, exhibiting and defending all data including logic, experience, reason and facts from that natural world. What is contemporary theology?
The study of men, movements, institutions and trends found in the current theological world. What is systematic theology?
The collecting, comparing ,...
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