Then and Now: the Changing Paradigms of Special Education Assessments Essay Example

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Then and Now: The Changing Paradigms of Special Education Assessments
Michelle Walker
Grand Canyon University:
September 12, 2012

Then and Now: The Changing Paradigms of Special Education Assessments All school aged children who are currently enrolled among the many school districts and systems ranging from, ages 3 to 21, have been provided with an enormous opportunity to have rights, which ensure these children to receive a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) throughout the United States. We as a society have acknowledged that the many children having an intellectual disability require special education services such as, Individual Education Plans (IEPs), multiple modifications made to the core curriculums, and accommodation that will assist their abilities. Furthermore, ensuring that the rights of these children are met and they are granted the access to receive their Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).
History of Special Education The history of special education came into to being selectively in the last 50 years. One would have to consider and take a moment to learn all about the special education history within the United States. This would improve their understanding of the many families of the children who are occurring and provide for the clearest picture of where special education has been and where it is going today. If one has considered on embarking in the fields of special education, this would be a great advantage with opportunities that were not afforded to persons in former generations. Learning from the special education history one could take it the way that they would imagine it should go. Today, there is a copious of special educational programs with resources available for the intellectually disabled children. This has been surprising and impressive to know and learn that our countries have made advancements in providing special educational

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