The Stock Exchange

Topics: Investment, Stock market, Rate of return / Pages: 2 (478 words) / Published: Feb 15th, 2014
As part of my English class I had to invest USD 100,000 in the stock market and manage my portfolio throughout the semester.
My strategy was to invest in large companies with a reputation for quality, reliability and profitability (blue chips). Furthermore, I decided to invest a large amount of my capital in Swiss companies in order to support Swiss economy.
I chose Kuoni because the company has leading positions in its area of activity (travel) and sustainable profitable growth. The shares of Kuoni are listed since April 1995 at the six as part of the Swiss Performance Index (SPI) and the company announced good predictions for 2013.
The second company I chose is Roche. The company ranks among the world’s leading healthcare companies and is focused on innovation. Roche invested more than 8.4 billion Swiss francs in 2012 on research and development so I’m sure this investment will produce successful results.
Thirdly, I selected Nestlé because it’s the world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness company, known all over the world.
The last Swiss company I decided to invest in is Swatch Group. I like the brand and the strategy of this company. I heard about the company investing in smart watches and I’m sure this new technology will work out.
Lastly, to diversify my portfolio, I decided to invest in Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft develops lots of new products and services these days and I believe in the performance of this technology company.
As a bull, my investment goal is a 4 % return on investment for the 15th November.
My investment in Kuoni’s company is successful. I invested USD 32,198.35. My capital grew steadily before reaching a peak the 10th October. After that, it dropped moderately but I can still consider a profit of around USD 1,400.00 so far. At the end of August, Kuoni annouced the final transformation : from travel organizer the company became a global travel-related

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