The skilled helper

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The skilled helper

This is a 3 stage framework which has been developed by Gerard Egan. It is used to guide and assist the helping process and it works best on issues which have occurred recently or are currently present. This model adopts 3 main questions which helps the person think about their issue, these are: 1. What is going on?

2. What do I want instead?
3. How might I get to what I want?
The skilled helper approach allows the talking therapist to build trust, honesty, empathy, courage and confrontation with the client in an environment in which they feel safe. This in turn enables the client to use their newly acquired skills to assess their issues and build appropriate goals to help them deal with their issues. Relation to practice

I feel this skill is valuable to my nursing practice as I can implement this when I am in placement. The NICE guidelines recommend psychological or talking therapies for some people with mental health illness. Although it is not suitable for everyone, there appears to be good evidence to support talking therapies and improved rate of recovery. I feel that this talking therapy can be used in concordance with medication or merely on its own. This is extremely beneficial for our clients, as building skills which will help alter their perception on an issue that they have is a skill that hopefully they will remember for life. Therefore this skill can be used many times throughout their life time and should reduce their chance of a relapse. NICE guidelines, such as those for depression, recommend several psychological therapies for people who have mental health problems. However, many GPs have reported that they are unable to refer patients for psychological therapies because of a lack of availability or are able to refer patients but only with very long waiting times. (NICE, 2010).

Being taught basic talking therapies such as the skilled helper allows me as a nurse to provide my clients with some talking therapy if they...
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