The Secret Life of Bees Character Analysis

Topics: Emotion, Zoom lens, African American Pages: 3 (751 words) Published: July 19, 2013
Characterization Analysis

|Considerations |Character Name: |Character Name: |Character Name: | | |Lily |Rosaleen Daise |May Boatwright | |Behavior |Independent, determined, |Stands up for herself, believes in |Very emotional, sensitive to the | | |strong-willed, damaged, expressive,|equal rights, strong-minded, |pain of others, depressed, | | |searches for her happiness and a |outspoken, uncensored, faces |kind-hearted, loving, child-like. | | |maternal love. She overcomes her |discrimination head on. | | | |abuse through her own maturation | | | | |and through acceptance and love she| | | | |receives by the Boatwright women | | | |Appearance |In the beginning, she looks |In the beginning, she dresses as a |She dresses like a child and | | |unweathy, uncared for, dirty and |colored maid, hides her abuse. |carries herself as a playful, silly| | |unfeminine. Later on at the honey |Later on in the film she dresses |schoolgirl would. She also cries | | |house her appearance becomes more |nice and becomes happier and |and gets sad like a child would | | |feminine when she gets feelings...
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