The Residents Essay Example

Pages: 4 (1683 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Move and Position Individuals in Accordance with their Plan of Care

1. In the human body, muscles are attached to the bones, which when contracted, pull and move the bones at particular joints in the direction in which they are designed to move. In the elderly, the muscles are not used as regularly and this can make movements slower and more difficult. When putting a sling on a resident in preparation for hoisting, it is important to remember that joints have limited movement and trying to extend joints beyond their range can cause painful damage to the joint. When moving and positioning residents, it is important to take into consideration any specific conditions of the individual, for example if the resident has had a stroke, you need to be aware of the extent of the stroke and which body parts have been affected. If they have severe weakness in one arm then a sling which sits under the arms is not appropriate and a sling which encloses their arms should be used.

2. The manual handling operations regulations 1992 state that employers must avoid all manual handling activities that could cause harm or injury where reasonably practicable to do so. Where this is not possible, as when moving or positioning residents, appropriate action should be taken to minimize the risks to the lowest level possible. Agreed ways of working should be followed by employees to ensure safety during the moving and handling of residents. There are several health and safety factors that should be taken into account when moving and positioning individuals. * The activity – What are you assisting with, do you need help from another person, how long will the activity take, how far do you need to go. * The environment – Is there enough space to undertake the activity? Are the floor surfaces even? Are there any obstacles which may increase the risk of you or the resident tripping over? * The resident being moved or positioned – What are they able to do for...
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